The Great Wall

The Great Wall, starting from the Gobi Desert to Shanhaiguan where it plunges into the Bohai Bay, travels more than 6000 km long.

The first Great Wall, dating from the Qin dynasty, is in fact the result of the unification of previous sections. This construction cost the lives of more than 200,000 soldiers who are said they were buried in the foundations of the wall. However, today, is called the Great Wall generally refers to the fortifications erected by the Ming Dynasty (1368 1644) to mark and protect the northern borders of China Mongol invasions. In the short 19th century, the Great Wall became obsolete and only the death of Mao that the government decided to restore it.

Today this building has become the icon of the greatness of China. It is the largest architectural structure ever built by man and is now ranked among the seven new wonders of the world.