How hard is the hiking part?
You don’t have to worry about the climb, it is demandind for lungs, heart and legs when you are not used to it, but it is only 30/45mn climbs that we take slowly. No crawling. I brought up there children as young as six months; but also a 72 old woman and an overweight (but courageous) 67 years old American.
Do we have to pay for entrance tickets?
Usually entrance tickets are not included
How is it possible to be two in one side-car?
Well, it is very easy: one passenger in the side-car and the other on in the pillion
What are the timetables for the tours?
We have no timetables, you choose when you want to start the ride if it an in-town tour.
For the Great Wall Tours we usually start around 9.30am and come back to Beijing at 7.30pm.
Do you have any groups visiting the Wall on these days that I could join?
You don’t need to be part of the group to enjoy our service. The point of Beijing sideways is to make tailor-made tours. However, if we have two bookings for the same tour on the same day, then yes you will be doing the tour with other people but we try not to make big groups.
Do you also have customized tours?
As said before, our tours are tailor-made! We never follow the same path but always go around the same part of the city. However, if you have special request we always take then into account.
Do you do tours in winter or is it too cold?
Beijing is cold in winter, often below 0°C, but we still do tours and people enjoy it a lot! Of course, you will have to be prepared and wear very warm clothes. We provide a second coat in case. And with a bit of luck you can see the Great Wall under the snow.
Do you propose any discount for a big group? How many people will be considered as a group?
Yes we have discount for groups over 10 people, contact us by e-mail for more information.
How can I pay? How does Paypal work?
We usually ask the passengers to pay a first deposit of 30% of the total balance by Paypal, in a chosen currency. The second payment can be done on the day of the tour in cash (RMB – Euro- USD), or you can choose to pay everything through Paypal.
To use Paypal you need to have a Paypal account link to an e-mail address; we will send you a Paypal request and you will just need to put your data. It is very easy and safe.
Do you have discount for kids? Is it safe for kids?
As long as the child can seat with one of the parents in a side-car then it is free for him (usually until 5 years old). Children below 12 also enjoy a discount of 40%.
Side-cars are three-wheel machines and are very stable and safe, if an adult can seat on it a child can do it to.
Is it safe?
Side-cars are very safe and stable. We never had any troubles but you still need to have a travelling insurance.
Is there room for a big person in a side-car?
Weight is not a really important issue. We already had over-weight and very tall passengers and fit without any trouble.
Can we get two on a bike for a day tour to the Great Wall?
No. We used to do tour to the Great Wall with two people on one bike but it was very tiring for the passenger seating on the pillion. Plus, it is always better to go with at least two motorbikes to the Great in case of mechanical problems because it let us more options.
In the two day tour, sleeping at the Great Wall, can you store our luggage?
As we cannot carry luggage on a sidecar, you will have to leave them at your hotel, they usually provide a storage option free of charge.
Do we need to drive the bikes? Or do you provide drivers?
International driving license is not recognized in China, so for insurance and safety reason our drivers will guide you during your tour. However, if you are an experienced biker and you would like to give it a try of course it will be possible.