LxWxH(mm) 2400x1580x100
Dry weight with sidecar:
Max. load with sidecar:
3 persons + 100kg
4 stroke, twin cylinder, air cooled.
Capacity (cc):
Max Power:
24 H.P. or 32 H.P. /4700-5300r/min
Max Speed:
90 km/h or 100 km / h
Fuel consumption:
7 Lit /100km
Fuel tank-capacity:
24 Lit
Electrical system:
12 volt
kick or electric
dry double disk
shaft with u/v joint
4 forward gears 1 reverse

Changjiang’s history

The CHANG JIANG 750 motorcycle is the Chinese copy of the Russian M72, who itself is the copy of the BMW R71. They are produced in Nanchang in the Jiangxi Province.
Chang JIang means “Long River” and is the other Chinese name of the Yangtze Jiang ( the longest and bigger river in Asia).

Originally elaborated by Germany in order to be used as military off road transportation during World War II ( the BMW R71 which soon got replaced by the more efficient R75), these bikes were then produced by the USSR in 1942 under the name M72. There are arguments about whether the specs and tools were given to the USSR within the Berlin-Moscow treaty or if the USSR acquired them through spying. In 1957, The Sovietic Union moved their factory to Ukraine, modernized the bikes with the type II engine and decided to offer the machine tools and know-how of the old factory to The People Republic of China. where they have been produced until now.

Off course many improvements have been made on the bike. Including a more powerful version with overhead-valve engine like the BMW R75 (as opposed to the sidevalve), and electric starts…

To ensure you a safe ride, our bikes are checked on a weekly basis by our Sideways certified mechanic. For your safety we also include a disk break on our bikes.