We are experiencing some problem with our online booking system.
Until we sort this out, please copy/paste the following questions with their answers and forward them to us by email at [email protected]

Tour type :
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Number of passengers :
Passenger 1 - name + age (roughly)+nationality :
Passenger 2 - name + age (roughly)+nationality :
Passenger 3 - name + age (roughly)+nationality :
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Passenger 5 - name + age (roughly)+nationality :
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Hotel name, Address AND Telephone in Beijing :
Mobile phone in China (with international code if any) :
Email address :
Paypal email address and currency for deposit payment (if you already have one) :
Food issue(s) and/or health issue :
Centers of interests :
How did you hear about us :
Are you in Beijing for tourism or Business ?
Do you have a medical insurance ? please precise ref number and contact info

Are you interested in an additional travel insurance (50rmb/person):
if yes, please provide passport numbers and dates of birth at least 3 working days before tour date:
Other information :

Travel Insurance Option:
Optional travel insurance is proposed for a cost of 50rmb per passenger. This travel insurance will cover you at a maximum of RMB 270,000 (About USD 35,000). This insurance cost is not refundable and not changeable. If you want to benefit from this insurance, please inform us by email. We need to be informed at least 3 working days before the tour otherwise the insurance cannot be contracted.

Payment Terms
To confirm your booking, we ask for a 30% deposit by Paypal.
Do you have a Paypal account? If you don’t have a paypal account, no need to create one, you will receive an email from Paypal and you’ll just have to follow the directions to pay with credit card.
Balance is paid cash on the day in local currency (CNY AKA rmb).

Book early, first come, first served !