Winter in Beijing can be pretty cold and windy. From November to the end of January temperatures can go below -0°; however showers are non existent.
We can provide tours even if it is cold but we advise you to wear very warm close, do not hesitate in wearing warm underwears like leggings, warm pull-over, gloves, etc…
We will provide a second coat that you can use while seated in the side-car to cover your body.
But don’t be afraid of the cold, some passengers already did the trip in winter and they enjoyed their trip even more! The Great Wall under the snow can be an amazing sightseeing!


On the other hand, summer in Beijing is very hot and there can be some very short showers.
Rains are hot and usually short and if it rains we provide rain gears.


In China, wearing a helmet is compulsory on motorbikes but our three wheels machines are very stable and don’t feel in the same category, so it is up to you to decide whether to wear it or to hit the road with the hair in the wind.