2 hours in Beijing by Night

Passenger 1 : 900 rmb
Passenger 2 : 500 rmb
Children below 12 : 585 rmb (35% off)

Classic Champagne bottle : 600 rmb
Small Champagne bottle : 400 rmb
T-shirts : 150 rmb

Note that when you take a Great Wall tour, if you take a second tour you a get 10% discount on the total so don't miss our unbeatable 2 or 4h city tour at the beginning of your stay.

E.G for two person :
  • add 860 rmb (instead of 1400) for a 2h tour for 2
  • add 1355 rmb (instead of 1950) for a 4h tour for 2

#1 Tour(s)

Please select a date for your choosen tour(s)

 2 hour sidecar tour in the city
 4 hour sidecar tour in the city
 2 hours Beijing By Night sidecar tour
 1 Day Beijing sidecar tour
 1 Day Wild Great Wall sidecar tour
 2 Days or 1 and ½-Day sidecar tour

#2 Booking person

  • First name :
  • Family name :
  • Age :
  • Phone number (with country index):
  • Country :

#3 Other participants

Number of Adults :

Number of Children between 5 and 12 years old :

Please input for each participant

Food or health issues?

#4 Pick up

One address per group is enough, if different addresses for pick up, write it down in another row
We can organise most pick up and drop off at hotels if they are central. But Beijing is a very strecthed city and we may ask a 200 rmb per bike extra if the hotel is remote. Alternatively we can agree on a meeting point at a landmark such as the North Gate of the Worker's Stadium, The Dongsishitiao Metro station exit or the Lama Temple.

#4 Options


  • Classic (600 rmb) :
  • Small (400 rmb) :

#5 Miscellaneous

  • Reason for your stay in Beijing
  • How did you hear about us ?
  • Any center of Interest for tour ? (only for city tours)

#6 Deposit

To confirm your booking, we ask for a 30% deposit by Paypal.
  • What's your preferred currency ?
  • If you already have a Paypal account please write it down, we'll send you a Paypal payment request
  • If you don’t have a paypal account, no need to create one, you will receive an email from Paypal and you'll just have to follow the directions to pay with your credit card.
    In any case, we also need to know the currency used with your credit card so we can save you currency change commission.
  • Balance is paid cash on the day in local currency (CNY AKA rmb).
    Tipping the guide and the drivers is not compulsory but well appreciated.

Other Suggestions / Commentary